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Liza and I have a habit of sharing with each other our favorite books - we have for years. I guess you might say we were a book club for two. After discovering the genre of 'Chick Lit' from the fiction shelves of our local book venues, we simply became addicted and were soon launched on the search for our next good read-and-trade.

Searching lists of books and keeping an ear out for others' suggestions, we soon found that randomly choosing which author and which book to get our next fix was leading us into a pattern of two fabulous reads to every one sour experience.

So we sat down together and had our first unofficial meeting over tea and scones. How to try to eliminate that sour experience and find more sweet ones. To be selective with our time, the answer was Research! Spend time to enjoy time. Who else to recommend that next 'beach read' or week night spent curled under the covers, but others who have read dozens if not hundreds of other books! Candy Covered Books started as a jotted-down list of next-books-to-read made while reading the NY Times book review and was soon combined with other lists, from the SF Chronicle to Soon, we were combining Amazon recommendations with Google research for any online reviews. We found several reviews for so many books! We soon had a list of books with many reviews each, some professional some not so professional. But all from reviewers who had something solid to say about the book from their own experiences with dozens and hundreds of books! Looking at all the different reviews, helped us make our decisions of what book to read next, then next, then next. And you know what? Our time gets sweeter with each book we read. But I guess I have to admit, sometimes its a kick to read a book that had several bad reviews to see what's up for myself.

Soon we came to the realization that we had compounded quite a substantial resource for others who might need help in choosing what's sweet or sour on their own book list. And here it is! Chick Lit Book Reviews to Women's Fiction, we got just what your looking for. What's fun too are book covers that look like candy. I can't resist, but thank goodness I have our review research to help me. Have Fun!

Candy Covered Books Club - now for more than two.

For any questions or comments you may have, please contact us at:

Candy Covered Books


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